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Social Media Marketing Training in Karachi Pakistan
Learn to Make the Most of Social Networks for Business!

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.: social networks have become a tool of everyday life that interacts with our doing and our decisions. Knowing what content to share and how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by these platforms is essential to intercept and engage your potential customers.

It is also fundamental to be clear that “being on social media” is not enough: you need to go and talk directly to what our audience is and launch targeted messages, investing in the right channels.

At our social media marketing & advertising training courses you will learn how to choose the most appropriate platforms for your business and how to develop a winning strategy.


The course is dedicated to those who want to acquire practical skills in Social Media and want to start their career as Social Media Manager. We offer our executive services to:

Professionals and Freelancers want to become real web analytics specialists and make the most of digital tools.

Web Agencies that want to offer their customers innovative services and increase the performance of marketing activities.

Marketing Managers and Sales Managers of large, small and medium enterprises.

Consultants and Business Managers who want to integrate the advanced use of Google Analytics with their skills.

Companies that want to develop their online business model and train their staff with the most up-to-date and suitable skills to face the most demanding market demands.


Knowledge required for a profitable participation

  • A basic familiarity is required, as a user, with the Web world and with the main social media.
  • A basic user familiarity with the fashion world is required
  • Participants must create personal accounts before the course (in case they do not have them) on social media Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram.
Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to share the most innovative marketing and business communication strategies conveyed through the use of Social Media. Participants will be given an overview of what are the calendars, timing, trends and languages ​​not to be overlooked in the communication.

Training Program
  • The Social Media Marketing Professional Training based on theoretical and practical outlines to learn how to use the main platforms: Facebook and Instagram for professional purposes.
  • We teach you to define which Social channel share most suitable for the various types of company, to learn about the styles of communication and the peculiarities of each platform, to use marketing and Social Advertising tools to promote a brand, to monitor the ROI of a company through an effective Social Media Marketing strategy.
  • The professional training aims at the practical teaching of the management of company pages, how to identify one’s target audience and how to interact with one’s audience.
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Today, social media allow us to establish intense relationships with people based on dialogue and listening. To start doing Social Media Marketing little is enough. To transform this “doing” into something more structured, concrete and useful, it is necessary to understand the potential of the channels and how to act to safeguard or improve Brand Reputation.

The professional traning offers a path to fully understand the real opportunities that social media offer for establishing relationships with the internet and at the same time how to develop their business through these tools, also through the analysis of case histories.

The perception that you will have at the end of the day is that there is a great opportunity to ride but that 95 professionals out of 100 who (self) consider Social Media Specialists do summarily and confusingly based on a self-learning that is often incorrect and misleading with respect to the real potential of the channels. Social Media to introduce you to and engage users. Develop a winning strategy

You will learn to build a communication strategy in Social Networks and to carry out Social Media Benchmarking with practical exercises. You will discover the potential and limitations of Facebook, how to set up and analyze KPIs, acquire real fans in a targeted way and interact with them. And not just on Facebook.

And the most powerful free and paid tools and software that will facilitate your work will be revealed to you.

The Social Media Marketing training, unlike distance learning, theoretical trainings or workshops crowded with a large and heterogeneous number of participants, is reserved for a limited number of members. In this way we can more closely follow the specific needs of each one, offering the availability to work also on particular case histories proposed by the single participants and evaluating at best the learning process.

Practical Learning

Online project handling under professional supervision ..... 100% live projects

Employment Assistance

More than 100 partner companies are waiting for your resume, Portfolio and your project


Apply for an internship in our Digital Marketing agency and put into practice what you have learned.
We want to export our digital talent to the new generation and make them able to get high positions by scrolling up their professional skills. We not only certify you but will qualify you for jobs.



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