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Research Writing Training - Scrollup Karachi Pakistan
Writing as One of the Most Powerful Tools of the Human Being to Communicate

It allows us to communicate, persuade others and transmit knowledge and ideas. These attributions of writing appear in a very particular way in the writing demands of school and academic fields, through academic writing.

Writing helps us acquire knowledge and form an identity. From writing we can manifest our ideas and thoughts in order to communicate something to others. It is the most used types of language today.

Research Writing as a Complex Phenomenon that Integrates Different Cognitive Skills.

Research Writing integrates numerous cognitive skills ( generate ideas; organize them consistently; build grammatically correct sentences, appropriate to a given context; make schematics and summaries; develop drafts; handle a specific lexicon and a specific construction in each discipline).

It is not the simple transcription of ideas or knowledge, but a complex process in intimate relationship with reading that favors the development of their cognitive skills.

Who is it For?

The research writing training at Scrollup is intended for all those people (students, researchers, professors, journalists, disseminators, bloggers, etc.) who need to communicate an idea effectively.

Those who wish to reinforce their writing of academic protocols to start a postgraduate degree at the master’s or doctoral level.

Training Objectives
  1. Review of grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  2. Review of the Style Manual. Quote correctly.
  3. Characteristics of academic writing: research and state of the matter. Pose and narrow the horizon of reflection, methodological instructions.
  4. The problem: elements to provoke a relevant discussion.
  5. The working hypothesis. Ditch the discussion and provide a critical perspective
  6. Argue and structure an essay. The different possibilities of a critical essay
  7. The paragraph, cornerstone of the essay. Exercises to ensure the writing of a solid paragraph
  8. Introduction and conclusion. Principles to introduce and conclude in a concise and coherent manner
  9. Review of types of texts (abstract, essay) and scriptural strategies.
Why at Scrollup

The success of a good academic work (thesis, paper, scientific article, report) depends largely on how your results are finally communicated. This training is aimed at students of any university level interested in strengthening the strength of their academic writing. Throughout the training, they will learn to develop a problem, propose a working hypothesis, structure an argument and investigate accordingly. The work weeks are articulated in a theoretical and practical way with exercises of concrete application. The student will learn the techniques to produce effective academic texts under expert supervision.

Transmit Ideas Clearly (no matter how complex the idea or concept is)

Apply specific style guidelines

Avoid common mistakes that make understanding difficult

Know the phases that make up the writing process

Study the characteristics and function of different sections of an article (summary, introduction, methods, results, discussion)

Help improve that article / thesis you
Why Should I Enroll in Research Writing Training?

This is the exact question will come in your mind, as you do not know the scope of this research writing training. This training based on research and to pass your higher education level you may go through with no. of assignments and dissertations or thesis to be completed and to submit on time. An expert help can be very helpful in writing your assignments with professional touch. Also there is a big scope of research writing as job. There are no. of students in foreign countries found professionals for getting help in writing their different academic papers. Getting expertise with this research writing training, you will be able to get employed in foreign writing companies as an academic writer and will be well paid.

Our Teaching Methodology

Practical Learning

Online project handling under professional supervision ..... 100% live projects

Employment Assistance

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