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PPC Training - Scrollup Karachi, Pakistan

Acquire New Skills and Become an Expert in Pay-Per-Click Advertising with Our PPC Training Classes

Are you looking for a complete and economical course of pay per click advertising? Do you want to improve your PPC skills and knowledge? Or maybe you are a company that seeks to manage its PPC activity in an internal department or improve the skills of your team?

Pay per click is an online advertising model that you only pay when users click on your ad. Every time someone searches for a specific keyword or term of your choice, your ad will appear on the search results page.

PPC advertising provides very detailed data about the activity of your ads, so you can measure the performance of your campaigns. Having a broad knowledge of pay-per-click advertising has become an important part of almost any job in any sector. Improve the skills of your team members and keep up with the best practices and latest developments in the industry.

Who is it For?

Marketing directors, community managers, Social Media and Online Marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and in general, all those people with knowledge in SEO and social networks who want to carry out successful advertising campaigns.

PPC Training Objectives

You can plan your advertising budget on the internet, learn to create effective campaigns on social networks and different search engines based on your advertising objectives: increase the number of fans, get traffic to a web, get conversions on a web, boost engagement of a publication, increase sales, etc.

In addition to measuring your results correctly, optimize your ad campaigns, get more visits to your website, capture better leads and increase your sales and analyze your campaign data through reporting.

Our Approach to Professional Training in PPC

Our PPC training is designed for anyone responsible for the planning, commissioning and management of pay per click advertising campaigns. At Scrollup we offer PPC training that range from generic introductions to the PPC bases to more specific and detailed topics.

We Offer Customized training

Our PPC training is specifically designed for your needs. Whether you have a business and want to increase the skills of your team or are a marketing professional who wants to improve their pay per click capabilities, or are studying and want to improve your digital training, we have the right PPC training for you. We will allow you to bring any of your project or your friend’s project and make strategies and campaigns in front of the expert and bring results. An expert supervision will surely increase your ROI (return on investment).

We will Guide You Regarding the Following Contents
  1. 1. Introduction to pay-per-click Advertising. Learn how to successfully manage PPC campaigns on platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing. Attract relevant traffic, reach your target audience and turn your visitors into customers.
  2. Local PPC. Reach your local audience close to your company. Learn how to advertise locally with pay-per-click campaigns and configure the scope of your campaign as specific as you want. Become a local SEM expert and learn how to attract potential customers from your nearby area.
  3. International PPC. Learn how to create international pay-per-click campaigns and offer your services in other countries or even internationally. Multilingual pay per click will help you advertise your business internationally in search engines, increase online visibility in other countries and, therefore, attract qualified traffic and potential customers from new markets. Discover how to design and carry out international PPC campaigns and reach your potential clients outside your borders.
  4. Mobile PPC. The use of PPC in mobile advertising has grown exponentially in recent years. Learn how to advertise to your potential customers on their mobile devices with mobile PPC and reach your mobile audience through this sophisticated advertising channel.
  5. Advertising Display. We spend 95% of our time online reading and interacting with content on websites. Banner advertising or banner advertising allows you to reach your potential customers by placing your ads on websites that your target audience frequents. Become an expert in display advertising and reach 89% of total online users.
  6. Remarketing. On average, 98% of your visitors will leave your website without making a purchase. Remarketing allows you to go back to potential customers who have previously visited your website while surfing the Internet. Learn to relaunch these potential lost customers and improve your conversion ratio.
Our Teaching Methodology

Practical Learning

Online project handling under professional supervision ..... 100% live projects

Employment Assistance

More than 100 partner companies are waiting for your resume, Portfolio and your project


Apply for an internship in our Digital Marketing agency and put into practice what you have learned.
We want to export our digital talent to the new generation and make them able to get high positions by scrolling up their professional skills. We not only certify you but will qualify you for jobs.



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