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Marketing Power of Social Media Influencer Marketing - Scrollup

Marketing Power of Social Media Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is short for strategic marketing. The English translation of influencer is translated as “influencing”.

What is Influencer Marketing?

This is actually a person called influencer. An influencer is a person who influences or changes people’s behavior, thoughts, ideas. Reaching people has become much easier with the spread of digital marketing on social media. People who have reached a large audience with their interesting posts on social media and who have such a special power and popularity can impress their followers by using marketing methods. People who have gained some popularity on social media and are called influential because of this reputation.

Such popular people usually have a loyal follower, and they benefit from the experiences of influential people. Depending on it, they trust and adopt the shares they make.

In fact, those who are known as influencers are the authority of the Internet. On the other hand, a strategy known as influencer marketing, a marketing strategy that has the power to impress the target audience in digital media platforms, is considered a sculptor and popular by its followers, and Designed to impress. Purchasing and purchasing practices of these audiences. In influencer marketing, activities are conducted not only for the entire market, but also for influential followers.

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy to address specified audiences and increase consumption.

Influencer Research

As a result of the studies carried out in the 1940s, two-step communication flow theory emerged, and accordingly, when the targeted masses were analysed sociologically, the guiding effects of people who were adopted as idols in the behaviours of people such as consumption or voting or who were constantly interested in were observed. This situation caused the extra self-confidence among the people with leading character, and made the supporter audiences feel the power to adopt all kinds of ideas and consumption. According to these studies, Influencer marketing takes its power from 3 different sources today;

  • Social Platforms: Influential people can use any of the social platforms to appeal and interact with millions of people.
  • Original Ingredients: People known as influencers create original, eye-catching, inspiring, original and completely marketing based content.
  • Consumer Confidence: Influential people have their own unique followers. That’s why, in order to implement their marketing strategies, they need to gain the trust of their followers.

All of these 3 items are intended to address specific audiences as influencers. To complete the influencer marketing strategy after completing this, you need to know the basic rules.

  • Identify the people who are influential before you and analyse them according to their actions and their importance.
  • Marketing influencers and examining companies whose people address them and get an idea of ​​how to follow them. Accordingly, to determine the impression that appeals to you the most.
  • Becoming a defender of your brand or company while agreeing with the influence of your choice.
  • If you understand all of these, you can implement effective marketing strategies very accurately and do highly effective marketing and reach consumers.

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