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How to Write an Article Optimized for SEO 2020: - Scrollup

How to Write an Article Optimized for SEO 2020:

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To keep the SEO on page of your website in perfect health and in accordance with Google’s rules it is not enough to publish articles on the blog as God gave you to understand, you have to follow a series of indications. If you have no idea what you have to do, do not worry, in this post we tell you how to write an article optimized for SEO. You can hire an SEO expert writer for writing article for you based with SEO Optimization, Scrollup is offering expert Content writing Service in Pakistan in very affordable rates and with unique and error-free content and of course 100% SEO optimized as per your given keywords.

In this article we are going to reveal some secrets of content writing to write an SEO optimized article by yourself.

Requirements to Write an Article Optimized for SEO

We start by reminding you why SEO copywriting is important: it’s about writing in a way that Google positions your content better than other blogs or websites. Therefore, it is not much use to write a Nobel prize article if you cannot position it (because nobody will find it). However, with this we do not mean that you write which robot, it is important to combine the SEO positioning orientation with the user orientation. Keep in mind that Google better positions the content that it considers to be of the highest quality and that most contributes to users. We offer 100% SEO optimized article to our clients when we offer them content writing service, here are some of the tricks by our content writer experts you can use to write an article optimized for SEO:

  • Have a positioning strategy ready: you should not forget that posts are only part of the global SEO, so you should already have selected the keywords you want to work in advance and be clear about the user profile you are targeting.
  • Try to make the first paragraph striking, since it is about capturing the user’s attention to get the entire article read.
  • The keyword must always be included both in the first paragraph, and in the title, in H1, H2 … (in subtitles, go).
  • Includes links: be careful with this that it is not good to put a link in each paragraph of the article that already smells like singe. The ideal is to include an internal link (to your own website or blog) and an external link to a website that has, if possible, a domain authority superior to yours.
  • Include the keyword in the meta title, the meta description and in the headings, since in this way, Google will better position your article.
  • Be sure to tell the search engine to index your blog or your website, since if you don’t, Google will not analyze your content.
  • Eye with images: it is always good to include photos, infographics, videos … in the articles to give them more interest. However, it is important to include the alt tag in them.
  • Attentive to the algorithm: as you may know, Google has a habit of updating it every so often, which means that we marketers must be attentive and adapt our work and our content to the new rules if we want to stay in the top positions.
  • Keyword density: it is important to include the main keyword several times throughout the article, but without going over! The most recommended thing is that this ratio is between 1% and 2%. If you go over, Google will see you the duster and your strategy will not work.
  • Don’t forget to write naturally! As much as you want to follow Google’s rules to better position your post, you should not lose sight of what you are writing for your users and you have to do it so that your content is easy and pleasant to read.

Content Writing Service in Pakistan and Worldwide:

Being a digital marketing agency, we are offering number of digital marketing service in Pakistan and worldwide including expert level content writing service. All the content and articles we deliver are 100% SEO optimized and error-free with a clear concept. We know how Google works thus keeping in mind, we write your articles maintaining the good level of keyword density and LSI (Latent Segmenting Indexing).

These are some of the tips we bring you from Let’s Marketing on how to write an article properly optimized for SEO. Will you do the test? Tell us in the comments!

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