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Web Designing Training at Scrollup Karachi Pakistan

Learn to create web pages from the beginning, in a practical way, knowing the standards and best practices to perform this task. Knowing HTML and CSS will also allow you to improve the editing of posts and pages in content managers such as Blogger or WordPress or with Apps that allow you to create tabs for Facebook.

In addition to presenting information on the Internet, you will learn to create interactive pages, at a basic level, so that the visitor can for example fill out a form or choose options in them.

Who is it For?

The professional web designing training is open to anyone who wishes to acquire practical knowledge in the design and publication of websites on the Internet.

The professional figure of the web designer is constantly evolving and brings together different knowledge. Literally translated, it means the person who designs the web, the person who uses the graphics programs to create the aesthetic part of the sites.

If this definition could be valid until a few years ago, in recent times the skills necessary to carry out this profession have increased considerably.

In addition to traditional knowledge, a good web designer must also know how to manage metalanguages ​​as HTML and CSS, create animations and make possible features such as online sales of products and the perfect use of content from any device.

Today, practically everything can be tried on the internet, and being able to know how to design, create and manage websites is undoubtedly a professional competence that gives greater possibilities of work in the creative sphere.

The Scrollup web designing and development training are addressed both to those who want to become a complete professional and pursue this career, and to those who want to integrate this knowledge into their work.

The classes, formed by very few people, allow teachers to focus on each individual request of the students, following them personally and making them reach their goals.

Understanding of Website Design
The curriculum starts with building a strong foundation of web design principles according to best practices.
CSS Understanding
After HTML, participants begin to manipulate web pages using Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) and images. Work with image processing tools and learn to manage web assets and folders.
Learn in a basic way the Javascript programming language, to provide visual effects and interactivity to web pages.
Understanding HTML
Participants begin to learn the basics of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), with a focus on the structure of web documents and content.
Making the Webpage
Participants will end up their training with their website projects well and satisfactorily with website creation tools like blogger or wordpress.
Upload Website
Know important practical aspects: hosting sites, usability rules and accessibility in the design of web pages and live your website.
Our Teaching Methodology

Practical Learning

Online project handling under professional supervision ..... 100% live projects

Employment Assistance

More than 100 partner companies are waiting for your resume, Portfolio and your project


Apply for an internship in our Digital Marketing agency and put into practice what you have learned.
We want to export our digital talent to the new generation and make them able to get high positions by scrolling up their professional skills. We not only certify you but will qualify you for jobs.



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