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Corona Virus and Digital Transformation - Scrollup

Corona Virus and Digital Transformation

Admin May 13, 2020 0 Comments

As we all aware of the pandemic of coronavirus which has affected the entire world and has pushed different sectors like education, marketing, sports and many other in to digital transformation.

Along with the economic impact of the corona virus, although some businesses were agreed to suspend their business for a while, some of them decided to make their presence felt more or stay ahead of their competitors in the meantime.

In the process where the corona virus as well as digital transformation is extra important, you should ask 3 important questions for your business.

  • Can customer needs be met by protecting employees?
  • Your business’s coronavirus, how should your strategy be in the process?
  • How or how effectively can you perform digital transformation during a pandemic?

Digital transformation in the pandemic period

During this time, businesses will have to transform digitally and quickly to ensure employee safety and conduct all transactions remotely.

According to analysts, Corona Virus, digital tools, services, etc., it has increased its use in such applications, forcing many sectors to move globally. Digital platforms provide service, entertainment, shopping, etc. for customers. As every day, new connections are added to the roads.

Why Digital Transformation?

When you start working from home and move your business to digital to maintain social distance, you need the necessary tools to be interactive.

How to do Digital Transformation?

According to Microsoft, there has been a 40% increase in online meeting programs used to create online collaboration during this period.

In China, business grew due to restrictions on applications such as WeChat, Tencent and Ding, especially coronaviruses.

In the United States, for example, through the “telehealth” system, patients can contact doctors online and access healthcare services, both of which maintain the capacity of hospitals while keeping the density on a particular line. Keeping and adhering to the principle of social distance.

Another application that can be shown as an example in the name of digital transformation is the “Covid-19 Government app”. With this application, you can see how high or low the risk is in your area. It shows you that you are in safe zone or danger zone with red and green points. This application, which determines the risk according to the number of infected patients, also allows the case to be followed.

While many different sectors take different steps to protect their audiences online, not maintaining digital transformation can force you to lag behind your competitors.

So what strategy should your business set for digital transformation?

You’ve decided to go digital with your business and you can go one step further with your application, which you can develop with the technically necessary applications for your company. how does?

For example, if you have a restaurant and you don’t have a tech service, you can use your app instead of calling your application online to help your customers get food or service.

If you’re a sports coach, you can offer videos that can give people information about the exercises they need on a daily basis, or how they should do them online.

Digital transformation in tourism, hotel management or nightlife related fields, applications will be somewhat limited. Although these areas are advertising, social media shares, SEO, etc. Although it preserves its existence on the Internet with such objects, the study may be in a limited framework.

The world has already been digitalized and many businesses have their digital transformation already in this pandemic of coronavirus are successful as they are doing their business and earning. But the whole situation of corona virus has forced many more businesses to move towards this digital transformation and they moved. And today the clothes, crookeries, other accessories are now selling online successfully through social platforms, websites and many other digital ways.

The most important thing of this age is to minimize human contact as much as possible. For example, companies such as Walmart, Amazon, UPS and Domino’s Pizza are testing drones such as unmanned aerial vehicles to reduce the cost of basic necessities, medicine and food delivery.

Corona viruses engage with digital conversions when the process actually leads to difficulties in doing business, but long-term changes can be seen in many areas.

Digital transformation can be difficult for some businesses, but with the right communication and vehicle technology, you can take your first steps in digital transformation today.

As digital transformation and innovation emerge faster, industries will connect more than ever and new applications will emerge.

If you are not having your online presence and your business is still not digitally recognized then transform now as nobody knows when the circumstances will be normal and the after effects of this Covid-19 will last for long time even China is having cases on daily basis.

If you want to move your business to digital during this period but you have concerns about how to do it, contact us now and we will take your business along.

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