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Marketing Power of Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is short for strategic marketing. The English translation of influencer is translated as “influencing”.

What is Influencer Marketing?

This is actually a person called influencer. An influencer is a person who influences or changes people’s behavior, thoughts, ideas. Reaching people has become much easier with the spread of digital marketing on social media. People who have reached a large audience with their interesting posts on social media and who have such a special power and popularity can impress their followers by using marketing methods. People who have gained some popularity on social media and are called influential because of this reputation.

Such popular people usually have a loyal follower, and they benefit from the experiences of influential people. Depending on it, they trust and adopt the shares they make.

In fact, those who are known as influencers are the authority of the Internet. On the other hand, a strategy known as influencer marketing, a marketing strategy that has the power to impress the target audience in digital media platforms, is considered a sculptor and popular by its followers, and Designed to impress. Purchasing and purchasing practices of these audiences. In influencer marketing, activities are conducted not only for the entire market, but also for influential followers.

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy to address specified audiences and increase consumption.

Influencer Research

As a result of the studies carried out in the 1940s, two-step communication flow theory emerged, and accordingly, when the targeted masses were analysed sociologically, the guiding effects of people who were adopted as idols in the behaviours of people such as consumption or voting or who were constantly interested in were observed. This situation caused the extra self-confidence among the people with leading character, and made the supporter audiences feel the power to adopt all kinds of ideas and consumption. According to these studies, Influencer marketing takes its power from 3 different sources today;

  • Social Platforms: Influential people can use any of the social platforms to appeal and interact with millions of people.
  • Original Ingredients: People known as influencers create original, eye-catching, inspiring, original and completely marketing based content.
  • Consumer Confidence: Influential people have their own unique followers. That’s why, in order to implement their marketing strategies, they need to gain the trust of their followers.

All of these 3 items are intended to address specific audiences as influencers. To complete the influencer marketing strategy after completing this, you need to know the basic rules.

  • Identify the people who are influential before you and analyse them according to their actions and their importance.
  • Marketing influencers and examining companies whose people address them and get an idea of ​​how to follow them. Accordingly, to determine the impression that appeals to you the most.
  • Becoming a defender of your brand or company while agreeing with the influence of your choice.
  • If you understand all of these, you can implement effective marketing strategies very accurately and do highly effective marketing and reach consumers.

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Corona Virus and Digital Transformation

As we all aware of the pandemic of coronavirus which has affected the entire world and has pushed different sectors like education, marketing, sports and many other in to digital transformation.

Along with the economic impact of the corona virus, although some businesses were agreed to suspend their business for a while, some of them decided to make their presence felt more or stay ahead of their competitors in the meantime.

In the process where the corona virus as well as digital transformation is extra important, you should ask 3 important questions for your business.

  • Can customer needs be met by protecting employees?
  • Your business’s coronavirus, how should your strategy be in the process?
  • How or how effectively can you perform digital transformation during a pandemic?

Digital transformation in the pandemic period

During this time, businesses will have to transform digitally and quickly to ensure employee safety and conduct all transactions remotely.

According to analysts, Corona Virus, digital tools, services, etc., it has increased its use in such applications, forcing many sectors to move globally. Digital platforms provide service, entertainment, shopping, etc. for customers. As every day, new connections are added to the roads.

Why Digital Transformation?

When you start working from home and move your business to digital to maintain social distance, you need the necessary tools to be interactive.

How to do Digital Transformation?

According to Microsoft, there has been a 40% increase in online meeting programs used to create online collaboration during this period.

In China, business grew due to restrictions on applications such as WeChat, Tencent and Ding, especially coronaviruses.

In the United States, for example, through the “telehealth” system, patients can contact doctors online and access healthcare services, both of which maintain the capacity of hospitals while keeping the density on a particular line. Keeping and adhering to the principle of social distance.

Another application that can be shown as an example in the name of digital transformation is the “Covid-19 Government app”. With this application, you can see how high or low the risk is in your area. It shows you that you are in safe zone or danger zone with red and green points. This application, which determines the risk according to the number of infected patients, also allows the case to be followed.

While many different sectors take different steps to protect their audiences online, not maintaining digital transformation can force you to lag behind your competitors.

So what strategy should your business set for digital transformation?

You’ve decided to go digital with your business and you can go one step further with your application, which you can develop with the technically necessary applications for your company. how does?

For example, if you have a restaurant and you don’t have a tech service, you can use your app instead of calling your application online to help your customers get food or service.

If you’re a sports coach, you can offer videos that can give people information about the exercises they need on a daily basis, or how they should do them online.

Digital transformation in tourism, hotel management or nightlife related fields, applications will be somewhat limited. Although these areas are advertising, social media shares, SEO, etc. Although it preserves its existence on the Internet with such objects, the study may be in a limited framework.

The world has already been digitalized and many businesses have their digital transformation already in this pandemic of coronavirus are successful as they are doing their business and earning. But the whole situation of corona virus has forced many more businesses to move towards this digital transformation and they moved. And today the clothes, crookeries, other accessories are now selling online successfully through social platforms, websites and many other digital ways.

The most important thing of this age is to minimize human contact as much as possible. For example, companies such as Walmart, Amazon, UPS and Domino’s Pizza are testing drones such as unmanned aerial vehicles to reduce the cost of basic necessities, medicine and food delivery.

Corona viruses engage with digital conversions when the process actually leads to difficulties in doing business, but long-term changes can be seen in many areas.

Digital transformation can be difficult for some businesses, but with the right communication and vehicle technology, you can take your first steps in digital transformation today.

As digital transformation and innovation emerge faster, industries will connect more than ever and new applications will emerge.

If you are not having your online presence and your business is still not digitally recognized then transform now as nobody knows when the circumstances will be normal and the after effects of this Covid-19 will last for long time even China is having cases on daily basis.

If you want to move your business to digital during this period but you have concerns about how to do it, contact us now and we will take your business along.

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5 Reasons to Implement Neuro-Marketing in Your Company

Digital marketing strategies are primarily aimed at attracting potential customers, retaining them and creating commitment with valuable content that accompanies them until they are ready for purchase. Subsequently, it seeks to retain loyalty so that they continue to interact with the brand and remain as recurring customers. Looking for digital marketing services in Pakistan then Scrollup will be the right choice for you.

In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, one must start from the deep knowledge of the consumers and the real reasons that lead them to make a purchase. You can hire expert digital marketing services in Pakistan to implement Neuro-Marketing in your company.

For the above, the theory of the “Triune Brain” must be taken into account, which is divided into three forces that intervene in the purchase process of any person.

Logical or rational brain: analyze pros, cons and why the product should be acquired or not.

Emotional brain: it allows to glimpse what feelings or emotions are experienced when having the product.

Instinctive brain: it works from the unconscious and has to do with impulse purchases.

Although it seems that any decision is made in a rational way, it is really emotions and instinct that intervene in greater proportion.

From this idea, strategies must focus on the three functions of the brain to achieve optimal results. Digital marketing experts at Scrollup cater these situations of human neurology best and offer best digital marketing services in Pakistan with the great experience.

How to get to know the consumer in depth with the help of Neuro-Marketing?

Neuro-Marketing is a market research methodology that, through clinical techniques and tools such as functional magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalograms, analyzes the emotional and instinctive reactions of the consumer to certain stimuli.

The basic feelings that can be identified are happiness, fear, sadness, contempt, surprise, disgust or anger.

With Neuro-Marketing services it is possible to know what feelings a particular product, brand, application, service or advertising of a company generates for the consumer, being more reliable than the classic research surveys.

In this way, direct and often unconscious emotional responses are obtained, compared to processes where reasoning is induced and little honest responses are generated.

Given the above, it is important to mention some of the advantages that implementing Neuro-Marketing can bring to companies:

1. Knowledge of the Real Motivations of Consumers

The consumer produces logical reasons when deciding to acquire a product to justify or support a decision made from the unconscious.

Based on the above, Neuro-Marketing allows marketing and advertising campaigns to persuade from emotional and unconscious impulses rather than through logical justifications.

2. Improve the Customer Experience

By knowing the primary reactions of consumers it is possible to optimize and personalize the experiences offered to them when requesting a service, when consuming a product or when visiting a physical or digital space.

For example, you can identify the first impression of a user on a website and the feelings you experience when navigating from one page to another, and thus, make the necessary modifications for a positive experience.

3. Help Increase Sales

At points of sale, Neuro-Marketing helps analyze consumer behavior within the store. From the path they take and their general perception to the reactions they have to the different products.

This information is useful to determine what attracts attention, which areas are most visited, in addition to providing guidelines for the arrangement of furniture and products.

4. Help Reduce Risks

Neuro-Marketing tools allow you to work with real perceptions to create test phases before launching a product, offering a service, creating an application or opening a store. In this way, the necessary adjustments can be made before the final launch and reduce the risks of production and sale.

5. Strengthen the Brand Image

The brand image is the union of several elements (logo, concept, symbol, etc.) that make it unique and differentiate it from the competition.

The objective is that the brand image coincides with the perception that the client is formed from their approaches and interactions with it, to evaluate if what is desired is really being projected.

Sometimes this image does not match the one created by the client, so it will be important to identify what they are observing in order to subsequently evaluate the marketing strategies again.

Neuro-Marketing allows us to check whether the image that the brand is transmitted is assertive or not, analyzing consumer reactions against graphics, profiles in social networks, and more communication elements that make up the identity of the company.

These techniques are also useful for making packing and design decisions, by locating the label that attracts the most looks or motivates people to place it in their shopping cart.

Neuro-Marketing Study: Brand Image

The neuroscientist Read Montague laid the foundations of formal Neuro-Marketing and confirmed, through a study, the subjective choice of people on a product based on preconceived ideas and emotions linked to the brand image.

It consisted of offering participants two drinks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, without knowing what brand it was, and they were asked about their favorite. The results were 50-50 in preferences.

Subsequently, the brand of the drink was shown, to monitor their brain activity, while they were tested.

When asking their preferences, the results were 3 to 1 in favor of Coca-Cola, which is one of the brands that works most in creating emotional bonds through its advertising. In the end, Montague concluded that the participants remembered images and ideas of the brand and this influenced their choice.

In summary, Neuro-Marketing is based on scientifically proven techniques to identify the real motivations, preferences and desires of consumers, often imperceptible even to themselves, with which it is possible to optimize marketing actions to improve the customer experience and increase Brand loyalty.

Hire Neuro-Marketing and Digital Marketing Services Pakistan from Scrollup:

Scrollup is renowned as one of the expert digital marketing agency aim to help clients with proven results and know best the consumer behavior and requirements through research and experience. Hiring our Digital Marketing Services Karachi Pakistan will surely benefice you with the level of trust and results both. The team we have are all trained and experts in their particular fields.

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Internet Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Terminology, at first glance, is a fairly simple and clear system. If we are not talking about something relatively new and permanently mobile. In this article, we will try to figure out how conventional Internet marketing differs from digital marketing.  You can get direct consultancy of digital marketing in Pakistan from Scrollup. Very similar in terms of tasks and tools for their solution to the field of sales and promotion of products, however, they have several significant differences.

Looking for expert Digital Marketing Service in Pakistan? Scrollup would be the best choice.

Who is Who?

The term “Internet marketing” in itself determines the scope of interests and opportunities of marketers and business owners. And this means that they use only those tools that work exclusively in the Internet space. This is not to say that this is not enough or definitely not enough. It all depends on the product and the ultimate goals of sales. For some, only the tools and areas of influence of the Internet are enough to interact with consumers and promote their product.

But those who do not have enough restrictions “online”, use digital marketing tools in their marketing strategies and can get expert digital marketing service in Karachi Pakistan at very affordable rates too.

Despite the fact that the term itself contains the concept of “digital”, the possibilities of digital marketing go beyond the Internet to offline, while not excluding the first. In a word, digital marketing is Internet marketing plus advertising and promotion on any digital media outside the Internet. Still there are companies cannot differentiate well between the two thus, lack in providing the complete solution but we have spent more than 15 years to discover all the terminologies and providing Digital Marketing Service with expert team.

In practice, this is as follows. The product is promoted through contextual and targeted advertising on the Internet, but at the same time it is also advertised offline, for example, on digital billboards. If you place a poster on a classic vinyl billboard, that would be regular marketing. And, if you indicate on it, for example, a QR code, then this is already digital marketing. We are adopting the all methods in our digital marketing service Pakistan and offer complete digital marketing solution to grow your business and to increase ROI.

Current trends are such that even the classic offline advertising platforms like television, radio and newspapers have become digital or have digital counterparts. And in the near future, digital media will take even greater market shares from analogue peers.

Who from Whom?

Engaged in digital marketing, logically – digital agencies. Such a team usually consists of a marketer, SEO specialist, analyst, project manager and product manager, designer, programmer, content manager and, finally, a copywriter. In outsourcing mode, such companies also cooperate with photographers and videographers. In addition to standard Internet marketing services (website creation and promotion, design, media and contextual promotion, marketing strategies, content plans, creation of advertising audio, photo, video and text products, work with social networks), digital agencies also organize offline activity. Scrollup has hired a team of all experts to offer digital marketing service in Karachi, Pakistan and worldwide too.

Equally important in digital marketing is the collection and processing of analytics. In the digital space, this is done easily and reliably. It’s all like everywhere else – user data, behavioral patterns, demographics, activities, sources, traffic, etc.

With the help of this data and digital analytics systems, digital marketers study the target audience and the effectiveness of the applied advertising promotion strategies. Therefore, without analytical systems, the work of digital marketers is impossible. Acquiring the digital marketing service from us will satisfy you with the use of all described channels.

The following channels and tools for disseminating information are the most common and demanded in the work of digital marketers:

– Digital Media, TV, radio and blogger accounts.

– Mobile applications, instant messengers, games.

– SMS, MMS and e-mail newsletters.

– Selling landing pages, online stores and shop windows.

– Contextual and targeted advertising.

As a rule, advertising strategies use the maximum possible and affordable budget number of sites and tools. They are selected, first of all, for a specific product and marketing tasks.

Tools can be both paid and free (own). There is also a category of “earned” resources, which include partnership arrangements and the results of the word of mouth.

Of all the tools, the most trendy and actively developing is video content, and of the channels – instant messengers. The popularity of infographics has grown by 800% over the past year. Promotion of a person, a brand, is still trending, when a charismatic personality becomes a leader of opinions and an instrument of influence.

In this regard, both Internet and digital marketers understand the enormous importance and impact of content marketing. Not a single advertising campaign and brand promotion can do without a content plan, copywriter, designer and analytics. A clearly defined content plan is the cornerstone of a marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Service Pakistan

The main task of a digital agency is to provide and support brand promotion in digital space and offline. In addition, the agency collects analytics not only private (for a specific product / customer), but also general. This helps to monitor the trends of the digital market, the quality and productivity of communication channels and predict the actions of both their own and competitors. The enthusiastic and dedicated team of SEOs and Digital Marketing Experts at our platform have discovered the tools, tasks and the latest trends of SEOs and Digital Marketing thus, offering excellence level Digital Marketing Service Karachi Pakistan with an aim to grow your business well and also targeting worldwide.

Of course, the possibilities of digital marketing are wider and more flexible, because they allow different communication channels to interact and complement each other. That is, to invite people from “offline” to “online” and vice versa. The advantages of digital marketing and getting digital marketing service can also include a wider and more transparent audience reach, at a lower cost, if you compare the same coverage with traditional advertising. In addition, unlike traditional advertising tools, in digital marketing, analytics and KPI miscalculation are many times more accurate and visual.

Contact Scrollup to get complete Digital Marketing Solution

If you want to grow your business and want to target global market whether you are in Karachi, Pakistan or in foreign country avail our digital marketing service Pakistan or digital marketing solution for global market for sure.

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How to Write an Article Optimized for SEO 2020:

To keep the SEO on page of your website in perfect health and in accordance with Google’s rules it is not enough to publish articles on the blog as God gave you to understand, you have to follow a series of indications. If you have no idea what you have to do, do not worry, in this post we tell you how to write an article optimized for SEO. You can hire an SEO expert writer for writing article for you based with SEO Optimization, Scrollup is offering expert Content writing Service in Pakistan in very affordable rates and with unique and error-free content and of course 100% SEO optimized as per your given keywords.

In this article we are going to reveal some secrets of content writing to write an SEO optimized article by yourself.

Requirements to Write an Article Optimized for SEO

We start by reminding you why SEO copywriting is important: it’s about writing in a way that Google positions your content better than other blogs or websites. Therefore, it is not much use to write a Nobel prize article if you cannot position it (because nobody will find it). However, with this we do not mean that you write which robot, it is important to combine the SEO positioning orientation with the user orientation. Keep in mind that Google better positions the content that it considers to be of the highest quality and that most contributes to users. We offer 100% SEO optimized article to our clients when we offer them content writing service, here are some of the tricks by our content writer experts you can use to write an article optimized for SEO:

  • Have a positioning strategy ready: you should not forget that posts are only part of the global SEO, so you should already have selected the keywords you want to work in advance and be clear about the user profile you are targeting.
  • Try to make the first paragraph striking, since it is about capturing the user’s attention to get the entire article read.
  • The keyword must always be included both in the first paragraph, and in the title, in H1, H2 … (in subtitles, go).
  • Includes links: be careful with this that it is not good to put a link in each paragraph of the article that already smells like singe. The ideal is to include an internal link (to your own website or blog) and an external link to a website that has, if possible, a domain authority superior to yours.
  • Include the keyword in the meta title, the meta description and in the headings, since in this way, Google will better position your article.
  • Be sure to tell the search engine to index your blog or your website, since if you don’t, Google will not analyze your content.
  • Eye with images: it is always good to include photos, infographics, videos … in the articles to give them more interest. However, it is important to include the alt tag in them.
  • Attentive to the algorithm: as you may know, Google has a habit of updating it every so often, which means that we marketers must be attentive and adapt our work and our content to the new rules if we want to stay in the top positions.
  • Keyword density: it is important to include the main keyword several times throughout the article, but without going over! The most recommended thing is that this ratio is between 1% and 2%. If you go over, Google will see you the duster and your strategy will not work.
  • Don’t forget to write naturally! As much as you want to follow Google’s rules to better position your post, you should not lose sight of what you are writing for your users and you have to do it so that your content is easy and pleasant to read.

Content Writing Service in Pakistan and Worldwide:

Being a digital marketing agency, we are offering number of digital marketing service in Pakistan and worldwide including expert level content writing service. All the content and articles we deliver are 100% SEO optimized and error-free with a clear concept. We know how Google works thus keeping in mind, we write your articles maintaining the good level of keyword density and LSI (Latent Segmenting Indexing).

These are some of the tips we bring you from Let’s Marketing on how to write an article properly optimized for SEO. Will you do the test? Tell us in the comments!

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