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5 Reasons to Implement Neuro-Marketing in Your Company - Scrollup

5 Reasons to Implement Neuro-Marketing in Your Company

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Digital marketing strategies are primarily aimed at attracting potential customers, retaining them and creating commitment with valuable content that accompanies them until they are ready for purchase. Subsequently, it seeks to retain loyalty so that they continue to interact with the brand and remain as recurring customers. Looking for digital marketing services in Pakistan then Scrollup will be the right choice for you.

In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, one must start from the deep knowledge of the consumers and the real reasons that lead them to make a purchase. You can hire expert digital marketing services in Pakistan to implement Neuro-Marketing in your company.

For the above, the theory of the “Triune Brain” must be taken into account, which is divided into three forces that intervene in the purchase process of any person.

Logical or rational brain: analyze pros, cons and why the product should be acquired or not.

Emotional brain: it allows to glimpse what feelings or emotions are experienced when having the product.

Instinctive brain: it works from the unconscious and has to do with impulse purchases.

Although it seems that any decision is made in a rational way, it is really emotions and instinct that intervene in greater proportion.

From this idea, strategies must focus on the three functions of the brain to achieve optimal results. Digital marketing experts at Scrollup cater these situations of human neurology best and offer best digital marketing services in Pakistan with the great experience.

How to get to know the consumer in depth with the help of Neuro-Marketing?

Neuro-Marketing is a market research methodology that, through clinical techniques and tools such as functional magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalograms, analyzes the emotional and instinctive reactions of the consumer to certain stimuli.

The basic feelings that can be identified are happiness, fear, sadness, contempt, surprise, disgust or anger.

With Neuro-Marketing services it is possible to know what feelings a particular product, brand, application, service or advertising of a company generates for the consumer, being more reliable than the classic research surveys.

In this way, direct and often unconscious emotional responses are obtained, compared to processes where reasoning is induced and little honest responses are generated.

Given the above, it is important to mention some of the advantages that implementing Neuro-Marketing can bring to companies:

1. Knowledge of the Real Motivations of Consumers

The consumer produces logical reasons when deciding to acquire a product to justify or support a decision made from the unconscious.

Based on the above, Neuro-Marketing allows marketing and advertising campaigns to persuade from emotional and unconscious impulses rather than through logical justifications.

2. Improve the Customer Experience

By knowing the primary reactions of consumers it is possible to optimize and personalize the experiences offered to them when requesting a service, when consuming a product or when visiting a physical or digital space.

For example, you can identify the first impression of a user on a website and the feelings you experience when navigating from one page to another, and thus, make the necessary modifications for a positive experience.

3. Help Increase Sales

At points of sale, Neuro-Marketing helps analyze consumer behavior within the store. From the path they take and their general perception to the reactions they have to the different products.

This information is useful to determine what attracts attention, which areas are most visited, in addition to providing guidelines for the arrangement of furniture and products.

4. Help Reduce Risks

Neuro-Marketing tools allow you to work with real perceptions to create test phases before launching a product, offering a service, creating an application or opening a store. In this way, the necessary adjustments can be made before the final launch and reduce the risks of production and sale.

5. Strengthen the Brand Image

The brand image is the union of several elements (logo, concept, symbol, etc.) that make it unique and differentiate it from the competition.

The objective is that the brand image coincides with the perception that the client is formed from their approaches and interactions with it, to evaluate if what is desired is really being projected.

Sometimes this image does not match the one created by the client, so it will be important to identify what they are observing in order to subsequently evaluate the marketing strategies again.

Neuro-Marketing allows us to check whether the image that the brand is transmitted is assertive or not, analyzing consumer reactions against graphics, profiles in social networks, and more communication elements that make up the identity of the company.

These techniques are also useful for making packing and design decisions, by locating the label that attracts the most looks or motivates people to place it in their shopping cart.

Neuro-Marketing Study: Brand Image

The neuroscientist Read Montague laid the foundations of formal Neuro-Marketing and confirmed, through a study, the subjective choice of people on a product based on preconceived ideas and emotions linked to the brand image.

It consisted of offering participants two drinks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, without knowing what brand it was, and they were asked about their favorite. The results were 50-50 in preferences.

Subsequently, the brand of the drink was shown, to monitor their brain activity, while they were tested.

When asking their preferences, the results were 3 to 1 in favor of Coca-Cola, which is one of the brands that works most in creating emotional bonds through its advertising. In the end, Montague concluded that the participants remembered images and ideas of the brand and this influenced their choice.

In summary, Neuro-Marketing is based on scientifically proven techniques to identify the real motivations, preferences and desires of consumers, often imperceptible even to themselves, with which it is possible to optimize marketing actions to improve the customer experience and increase Brand loyalty.

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